What's In a Name?

A HighRidge is a series of peaks and crests stretching above a valley or plateau. Different from a summit, where the objective is reaching the top, a HighRidge represents a path, an overview of circumstances, challenges and opportunities where your journey can begin.

We know our clients have a diverse set of objectives. If the summit is your goal, we’ll take you there. If it’s developing systems and leverage, we’ll take you there. If it’s less work and more play, we’ll take you there. Whatever your journey, we’ll travel with you.

We hope you’ll join us on the HighRidge and find your own elevated path to your goals!

Who Are We?

HighRidge was created by brokers for brokers. Commercial Agents told us they wanted coaches who were still actively involved in transactions, so here we are. Our coaches are all active commercial brokers with 15 to 40 years of experience. We have all presented and trained at a regional and national level and we all share a passion for improving the businesses and lives of our clients.

We help with goal setting, strategies, systems, business planning, consulting, accountability and team formation and team building. Our diverse team offers expertise in Multifamily, Office, Retail, Industrial, Land, Development, Hospitality and Business Brokerage which translates to a more personalized experience for our clients.

Regardless of your experience level and whether you specialize in one asset, class or are more of a generalist, we have the right coach for you!

Why Coaching?

Every great athlete that has ever taken the field or court has had a coach. On the ice, track or balance beam, a coach is an essential part of any winning individual or team, and it’s the same in business.
A coach asks the right questions to help define specific goals, lays out the steps and processes to achieve those goals, holds you accountable to those steps and keeps you on track as new objectives evolve.

A coach will help identify your strengths and develop strategies to build on them. A coach can help you identify patterns that may be holding you back,
they can instill confidence, help you see the forest through the trees and offer an objective view of your business.

Through planning, accountability and consistent consulting, your coach can significantly impact the efficiency and profitability of your business.

Coaching is an investment in yourself!

Why HighRidge?

With your collaboration, we’ll provide you with a customized coaching plan that fits your business objectives. Most of our plans will include some sort of strategies, action items and accountability but there is no set curriculum we promote. Each plan is truly individual because this is your journey.

Our Coaches will structure a program using some or all of the following:


Personalized Business Plan - We all have different goals, different motivations, different focuses, and work in different areas. We personalize your business plan to maximize your strengths and reach your goals.


Specialty Strategies - Whether your focus is multi-family, office, retail, industrial, or land development, our coaches understand the niche you are creating and will lead you to success in your market. All of our coaches are active Commercial brokers with 15 to 40 years of experience.


Lead Generation Methods - In CRE, we are all first in the lead generation business. In order to hit our goals we must have the people to talk to. Let us show how to find more and expose you to different approaches.


Systems & Models - Highly successful people follow highly successful models. We can provide you with systems and models proven to run a more profitable business.


Presentation Strategies - Standing out from the competition when you are meeting with potential clients is a learned skill. We can help with techniques to keep you at the front.


Time Management - Commercial real estate can be grueling and wreak havoc on your life. We will show you how with effective systems you can make more money with less effort and have more time for what matters most to you.


Personal Growth Plan - Your business will grow to the extent that you do, and we all must make sure we don't neglect personal growth for doing business. We will develop with you the plan for you to become who you need to be to have the Commercial Real Estate business you are looking for.


A Legacy of Wealth - There is a "Why" behind all that we do. Significance is a need inside us all. Let us partner with you to implement the strategies needed to build a legacy of wealth for generations to come.