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How Can Coaching Help You?

Personalized Business Plan

We all have different goals, different motivations, different focuses, and work in different areas. We personalize your business plan to maximize your strengths and reach your goals.

Specialty Strategies

Whether your focus is multi-family, office, retail, industrial, or land development, our coaches understand the niche you are creating and will lead you to success in your market. All of our coaches are active Commercial brokers with 15 to 40 years of experience.

Systems & Models

Highly successful people follow highly successful models. We can provide you with systems and models proven to run a more profitable business.

Time Management

Commercial real estate can be grueling and wreak havoc on your life. We will show you how with effective systems you can make more money with less effort and have more time for what matters most to you.

Personal Growth Plan

Your business will grow to the extent that you do, and we all must make sure we don't neglect personal growth for doing business. We will develop with you the plan for you to become who you need to be to have the Commercial Real Estate business you are looking for.

A Legacy of Wealth

There is a "Why" behind all that we do. Significance is a need inside us all. Let us partner with you to implement the strategies needed to build a legacy of wealth for generations to come.

What our clients say about us:

Bruce and the HighRidge team have been a reliable and approachable resource for our growing Commercial real estate team for years. Leading by example, we really appreciated receiving coaching from active players of the game as opposed to others who had lost sight of market and negotiation trends. The team as a whole truly cares about their clients and mentees.

Rachel Colorosa

Denver, Colorado

I have been coaching with Ken Wimberly for the past year. He has been a tremendous help with growing my business and not only does he help you professionally he also helps you grow personally. I would highly recommend hiring Ken and HighRidge if you are wanting to grow your business!

image (1)

Ashley Reaves

Houston, Texas

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